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Why Choose Us For Your Website Design?

There are many, many web designers in this world and although for the most part they can design lovely looking sites, how many actually have an understanding and track record of designing websites for tradespeople?

With well over a decade of marketing and web design experience working for a variety of tradespeople from cleaners through to builders, Websites 4 Trades can offer you not only top quality web design, but websites designed specifically for you and your customers.

With Websites 4 Trades you can be assured that you will receive the following:

Hassle Free Process - We will build, host, support and maintain your website

Spread Your Payments - By paying monthly there are no large upfront costs

Multiple Design Options - Use one of our site templates or have a site built from scratch

Complete Flexibility - Choose the pages you want, the colours, the images, the text...

Mobile Friendly - Your website will be compatible with all mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops

Free Updates - We don't charge for updates

No Hidden Costs - If you're opting for our standard package, you will pay £30 per month and never a penny more

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How It Works

Select a Design - You can choose from one of our templates, choose single page or multipage, select the colours you want to use etc. Or we can build you something bespoke

Select Your Pages - Testimonials, Gallery, About Us, Prices, Services, Benefits, FAQs....you name it, you can have it

Include Links - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter Sign Ups

Add Your Text / Photos / Logos - Send us what you have and we'll include it all on the site, or ask us to assist in producing a logo, text etc

Review and Confirm - Once we have completed the site based on your specifications, we'll send you it to review and will make any changes you request

Get the Site Live and Generating Work - This one speaks for itself!

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About Us

Websites 4 Trades was set up in 2021 by Carl Hancock who has been designing websites since 2005.

Carl effectively grew up on building sites, labouring with his father from the age of 13 (although probably more a hindrance than a help!) and later on worked as a plasterer.

A change in career saw him enter the world of marketing in early 2000s and he's done web design and run the marketing for a wide variety of businesses ever since, including his own carpet cleaning company set up in 2013.

The marketing for his own company was primarily online, and his knowledge of web design and digital marketing enabled him in only eight years to grow it into one of the largest carpet cleaning firms in the UK. Desiring a slightly quieter life he sold the company in January 2021 and is now using his skills to help others realise the same levels of growth.

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Frequently Asked

Q. How much do you charge?
A. We charge a flat fee of £30 per month

Q. How quickly can you build my new site?
A. Depending on exactly what you want, the build time can be anything from 24 hours to one week. If you need a quick turnaround, just let us know.

Q. Do you own my domain name?
A. Absolutely not! We insist that ownership of the domain name (www.yourcompany.co.uk) remains in your hands. This is so you have absolute control in what you do with your website now and in many years to come.

Q. Why do you only build websites for trades?
A. Anyone can learn how to build a website (it's a bit like learning another language). However, making a website that generates new business will vary consideribly depending on the industry. We have no expertise in the fashion industry, so don't offer fashion websites, but we do have extensive expertise in the relationships between tradespeople and their clients.

Q. How often can I make changes?
A. Our £30 per month package allows for unlimited changes. If you change your prices, want to tweak your text or upload a new photo, all you have to do is ask.

Q. Can you redesign existing websites?
A. We certainly can do, although very often it's easier to build a new site and transfer the content across from your old one.

Q. Are there any other costs?
A. For the design/build of your website, hosting, support and updates, there are no other costs. We will ask you to purchase your domain name (www.yourcompany.co.uk), which costs a few pounds per year and means you own it (it's dead simple to do and we can help). Other than that, the only other costs will be if you require extra services beyond the website e.g. logo design.

Q. Will my website rank in Google?
A. We can offer a specific SEO service, but we will also ensure that your trade website is built in such a way that Google will rank it

Q. What's your background?
A. More information is available on the about us page

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